About Us

Making customer engagement an absolute priority…

At inception in 2017, our business model was very different to the version you see now. Where once we adopted a Call Centre approach to promote and sell our vehicle protection products, we now have a Just Protect digital App that not only communicates with customers in a modern and efficient way but also provides real added benefits and useful features to users. We found that engaging with customers in this way led to increased sales and brand loyalty and our main focus now is sharing this concept with our partners

Who we are

Just Protect and our subsidiary businesses work closely with major UK lenders and vehicle finance brokers to provide unique motor related finance and insurance products and added value to their customers

What we do

We help lenders and brokers connect with their customers in a tech-driven and compliant way. Using our white labelled App technology and our unique ‘free’ product offerings, our partners are able to build brand loyalty and proactively engage with their customers

Our Story

Trading since 2017 but with over 40 years experience in growing vehicle related finance and insurance businesses, we wanted our latest venture to bring something completely new and refreshing to our marketplace 

Our Commitment